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Know all the courses where we participate.

Training courses

PROWEB, University Expert in WEB 2.0 programming, University of Alicante

Specialize course lead by professionals of computer science in web programming, as well as graduate and students of engineering in computer science.

Master in marketing at the University of Alicante

The objective of the masters is to form with specialized professionals in marketing with the capacity of responsibility and leadership in business strategies. BITmarketing coordinates and provides the online marketing module.

Chamber of commerce courses

courses online for entrepreneurs and workers.

Courses offered and participations in conferences

  • Training courses for the unemployed chambers of Alicante and SERVEF

    "How to maximize your online marketing strategy?"
  • Free choice courses for the University of Alicante

    "Social media for broadcasting cultural activities"
  • CDT Alicante course

    "Appling facebook to business"
  • Working CDT Alicante

    "Professional advantages of LinkedIn"
  • Master disweb University of Alicante

    "We teach classes about SEO, SEM and Web Analytics"
  • El Campello, Town Hall presentation

    "10 key points for making an online business"
  • Free choice courses for the University of Alicante

    "Positions and optimizing search engines"
  • Workshop center for entrepreneurs

    "New tools and geolocating through social networking for your business"
  • Local agent lecture Alicante

    "Tips for making an online business"
  • CEEI lecture Elche

    "The entrepreneurial meeting for entrepreneurs to 'Get involved'"
  • Local day agency Alicante

    "Learn how to start up a business"
  • Local University of Alicante

    "Marketing through the internet"
  • Center of business conference Alicante

    "The Online Business 2.0"
  • Conference in JOVEMPA

    "Marketing online for entrepreneurs"
  • A day of Google with CAMON

    "Actual tendencies in online marketing, AdWords"